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Wind Turbines

Wind Monitoring & Assessment

Solar panels

We offer a full range of services from met mast installation through to wind assessment and analysis.

Wind Monitoring & Assessment

Man with a highvis and hard hat installing solar panels on a metal roof

The Benefits

Optimum project design using turbines offering the best overall project returns

Negotiation of maximum levels of project finance

High value development asset

Reduced risk of turbine under performance and long term operational issues

A comprehensive wind monitoring and assessment campaign is a key component of site development. Accurate and complete data coupled with a high quality assessment enables:

Solar panels


We offer a high quality product seeking at all times to manage risk, minimise cost and maximise value.

Met Mast LIDAR Installation & Maintenance

High Grade Steel Fully Galvinised Monopole Masts 10-70m

High Grade Steel Fully Galvinised Temporary Lattice

Masts 30-140m

High Grade Steel Fully Galvinised Permanent Lattice

LIDAR Installation

Full range of anemometry equipment supplied

Regular ongoing equipment inspection and maintenance

Data Monitoring & Verification

Operational Assessments

Yaw misalignment checks, powercurve testing, mast condition assessments and maintenance

Data monitoring and verification campaign | Weekly on remotely accessible sites

Monthly wind data reports

Fault reporting and remediation

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