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Wind Turbines

Our People

At Galetech passion for renewable energy and sustainability defines and motivates us

Our shared passion anchors our goal to shape a more renewable future, powers our collaborative spirit and energizes our careers, allowing us to grow together.

Galetech Group employees

At Galetech passion for renewable energy and sustainability defines and motivates us

Creating a sustainable future requires a team of devoted and like-minded green energy entrepreneurs. That is why we seek the best possible candidates to join us on our power revolution journey.


No matter whether your role is to map out a wind farm design, go door-to-door as part of a community consultation process or even calculate the asset projections of a project every team member plays their part in bringing Galetech projects to life. We offer a one-stop-shop solution to our clients, so our team goes out on-site to maintain wind farms, they climb 80 meters to set up met masts or service turbines and because of our diversity we are always looking for talented people to join our team. We are looking for individuals who bring their own expertise, commitment, and innovation capabilities to help drive us forward - today, tomorrow, and into our future.

Here is a selection of current Galetech Team members talking about their roles and what it is like working for Galetech.

Wix Modified Picture

Deirdre Keegan,

Community Liaison Officer,

Galetech Energy Developments

Kieran Elliott,

General Manager and Project Manager,

Galetech Measurement Services

Killian Brady,

Design Engineer,

Galetech Energy Developments

Alisha Edgar & Jovita Razobrejevaite,

Operation Control,


Gary Fannin,

Met Mast Technician,

Galetech Measurement Services

Fergal McConnell,

Met Mast Installation Manager ,

Galetech Measurement Services 

Are you ready to embark on the most exciting phase of your career?

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