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Wind Turbines

Our Team Members

Gerry Reilly

Telecommunications Specialist

Gerard has a broad and extensive knowledge with over 30 years experience deploying, installing, managing and servicing all aspects of communications systems, in particular commercial and PMR radio, self help TV systems, CATV and CTV systems, cable systems (both UHF and VHF), telecoms systems (incl. 2G, 3G, HSDPA, IP Microwave), satellite and terrestrial TV systems (analogue and digital) and Wireless Broadband.

Gerard has worked in the service industry as a Field Technician and Service Specialist, and also worked on designing ADF and DME systems for the Aviation industry. He was previously involved in the Broadcast Radio Industry designing and installing studios, transmission systems and antennas for both AM and FM. He previously worked on the BBC transmission network in Northern Ireland and spent 10 years as engineer in charge of Outside Broadcasts (Radio) at both local and national level. Prior to the awarding of the second national mobile phone license in Ireland, Gerard acted as advisor to Esat Digifone on suitable site locations to provide optimum coverage for the proposed new network, and on the subsequent rollout and maintenance of the network until 2013.

Since 2014 Gerard has worked as a telecommunications engineer for GES specialising in Wind farm telecommunications link installations and TV interference assessment and remedial work. Gerard is a qualified trainer/tutor specialising in Electronics, RF, IT and Microwave installations

Gerry Reilly
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