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Wind Turbines

Onshore Wind

Solar Panels

Onshore Wind

Since the first onshore wind turbine was built in the late 1800s the Onshore wind industry has been constantly moving and evolving. Galetech Group has established a strong portfolio of onshore wind work. Each project further proves our expertise and our commitment to delivering innovative results. We support our clients through all stages of a project lifecycle ranging from planning, building right through to the operation and maintenance and wind farm management.


We can provide clients with a one-stop-shop as we operate holistically throughout the entire renewable sector and we have particular expertise in the onshore wind industry. For onshore projects, we make sure that our client's wind farms are safe, compliant and operationally and financially productive. 

Man with a highvis and hard hat installing solar panels on a metal roof

What we do?

We work from the beginning to the end of a wind farm’s life. Our services include:

Evaluating site feasibility 

Wind farm planning and design 

Community Consultation


Compliance, Engineering and construction

Asset management 

Wind turbine maintenance and repair 

At the end of a wind farm’s expected lifecycle, we can also work with you to plan extensions or re-powering.

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