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Wind Turbines

Offshore Wind

Solar panels

Offshore Wind

Offshore wind harvesting began in 1992 and many countries now have adapted this form of energy generation as their primary source. While onshore wind power infrastructure is cheaper and relatively easier to construct and maintain there are many benefits associated with the offshore alternative but there is still much to do in order to exploit this energy generator to its full potential. At Galetech we are committed to playing our part in helping offshore wind grow. Offshore wind power is generally higher and more consistent than onshore.


This means that the offshore wind turbines work more efficiently than their onshore counterparts. Also at sea there is more free space available and there are no obstructions over the sea. This reduction in layout constraint means that  the wind is less turbulent than onshore. The fatigue effects on the turbine generator are less and therefore the life span of the turbines is greater. Offshore projects are considered more versatile and scalable and there is the potential for larger installations to be built. Also, as the wind turbines are placed far from the coast, the visual noise and vibration impact on communities significantly decreases.

Man with a highvis and hard hat installing solar panels on a metal roof

What we do?

We work from the beginning to the end of a wind farm’s life. Our services include:

Evaluating site feasibility

Due diligence, Risk Assessment and strategic advisory 

Community Consultation

Wind farm planning and design plan

Offshore build and associated infrastructure procurement. 

We provide advisory services on topics such as

  • ​Energy source

  • Grid connection

  • Ground connections

  • Offshore ecology 

  • Planning legislation to identify sites that could accommodate a lucrative offshore project

  • Offshore life extension advice

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