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Wind Turbines

Drone Services

Solar panels

Drone Services GES offer topographical assessments for site terrain analysis, slope analysis, forestry management and site design using the Matrice 300 RTK drone with Zenmuse L1 LiDAR to assess site topography using laser pulses to calculate the height differences across the surveyed terrain.

Drone Services

Man with a highvis and hard hat installing solar panels on a metal roof


Topographical site mapping

ESG Reporting Solutions

ESG Training and Education Programs

Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) - 3D representation of a terrain surface

Digital Surface Modelling (DSM) - natural and built surfaces, such as buildings, tree canopy, and powerlines

Slope Generation (Mapping and Direction)

Contour Mapping at required intervals

Photogrammetry (georeferenced real time imagery)

Forestry Management – Tree height evaluation

Drone Blade inspections and reporting

Thermal imagery for solar installations

Solar panels

Drone Survey Features

High Accuracy: Vertical - 5cm; Horizontal - 10cm (with 50m flight height). Ground truthing is undertaken on all surveys through control points taken throughout the site with a Topcon Positioning System.

High Density Point Cloud: 240,000 effective points per second.

Single, Dual and Triple laser returns to increase the point cloud density to up to 480,000 pts/sec) allowing for DTM and DSM Mapping.

The DJI Zenmuse L1 LiDAR integrates a LiDAR module, an RGB camera, and a high-accuracy IMU.

What you will receive

Georeferenced DTM and DSM Data in multiple formats (.shp, .las, .csv, .dtm,.dsm etc.)

Georeferenced image files in multiple formats (.bmp, .jpg, .png etc.)

Mapping services bringing all the data together in easy to read maps

Man with a highvis and hard hat installing solar panels on a metal roof

Selected Project Experience

White Hills Windfarm

Proposed Solar Project Sites

Proposed Windfarm Sites

Client – Existing Windfarm Turbine Blades

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